Lucy Sugars

Supporting Your Microbiome

Gut health is one of the most important cornerstones to good health. Having a gut that isn’t functioning right and is giving you uncomfortable symptoms can be very distressing, and can significantly impact the quality of your life. Identifying digestive imbalances, eliminating gut infections and restoring microbial balance can make a big difference. If you would like tailored support for your needs, get in touch. I prefer to create a bespoke plan for my clients, taking into account what’s going on with their symptoms, to make the biggest difference to their health.

Sometimes it’s the simplest of changes that can create the most dramatic improvements, sometimes we need to dig a little deeper. There are some cutting edge functional laboratory tests available now (stool, breath and urine) that can help to provide us with some extra information about what’s going on in there.


I’ve been very poorly over the last 2 and half years with my digestive health, mental health and fatigue. Before I starting seeing Lucy, I visited a range of practitioners in Harley Street, London, because I assumed that I would get the best help from experts there. How wrong could I be?

Thousands of pounds later with no improvement in my health, I was getting desperate. Then I was recommended to see Lucy and I can honestly say she has been the best nutritional therapist and practitioner I have ever worked with. Not only did Lucy pinpoint what was causing my ill health and explain it in a way that I could understand, she has also offered amazing support throughout my ongoing health journey.

I trust Lucy 100% and her knowledge knows no bounds. There is nothing about the inner workings of the body that Lucy doesn’t seem to know. Whenever I have lost faith in my health, Lucy has managed to bring me back to a positive mindset by reminding me why my personalised overall health plan is so important in my recovery. I would recommend Lucy to everyone I know.

K.J. Swindon 2016