Lucy Sugars


PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) is something I have personally been managing most of my life. Some of the main signs and symptoms of PCOS include; acne, hirsutism (excess hair, particularly affecting the face), excess weight or trouble losing weight, irregular periods, infertility and thinning hair or hair loss.  Having the condition may also increase your likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

Many of the symptoms can make you feel downright awful, and can cause significant confidence issues. Who wants a face full of acne and a hairy chin?! The good news is, diet and lifestyle play a huge role in better managing the symptoms and helping you to feel more ‘in control’ of your body again.

Get in touch if you would like personalised one to one nutritional support to better manage your PCOS symptoms.


I came to see Lucy feeling really low about my self. I had awful painful jawline acne that I couldn't shift and make up wasn't cutting it anymore. I felt knackered all the time, and my weight was going up. I would start a diet on Monday (having eaten junk food all weekend knowing I was going on a diet), last until Wednesday eating tiny amounts of food and fall of the wagon.

Lucy immediately put me at ease, and explained things in a way that finally made sense to me and clicked. Putting together a meal plan with her was a great experience, I could eat foods I actually liked and I didn't have to cut out all the foods I enjoyed. We worked on including foods that made me feel full and nourished, and over a few weeks figured out certain foods that made my skin worse. Lucy did a great job of recommending foods I could have instead of the foods that worsened my skin.

6 months later and I have lost 15kg, and my skin has cleared up. I have been so happy. It wasn't an over night effort, I saw Lucy several times to keep on track as she was always so positive and encouraging. I finally feel on top of my PCOS and have identified foods that work for me and foods that don't.

N.S. Bristol 2019