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Meal Plans & Resources

I have created a selection of free meal plans and resources for you to download and use at home. These are some of my most popular meal plans, handy charts and guides that I frequently use with my clients in clinic.

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eatwell plan Free resource

Balancing Your Plate

A simple chart on how to create your meals with different protein, carbohydrate, vegetable and fat ideas

eatwell plan Free eBook

Better Breakfasts

My free guide to putting together a nourishing breakfast, with 6 simple recipes

eatwell plan Free resource

Food and Symptom Diary

7 day food & symptom diary template (for printing only)

eatwell plan Free resource

Vegetarian Meal Plan

7 day protein and fibre rich vegetarian meal plan

eatwell plan Free Resource

Vegan Meal Plan

7 day protein and fibre rich vegan meal plan

eatwell plan Free Resource

Omnivore Meal Plan

7 day omnivore meal plan for those who eat meat, but want to eat a little less

eatwell plan Free Resource

Dairy Free Alternatives

A selection of ideas for plant based alternatives if you need to avoid dairy

eatwell plan Free resource

Guide to Sugar

Confused about sugar? Understand what the difference is between refined sugars, added sugars, types of sugar and artificial sweeteners

eatwell plan Free resource

Craving something sweet?

A few ideas for sweet treats when the need arises