Lucy Sugars

My Philosophy

I operate from a completely no judgement space, having had several health issues of my own to contend with over the last decade. I want you to enjoy food, and to feel your absolute best - whether that means more energy, better skin health, stable digestion or achieving your healthiest weight.

Eating should be enjoyable. It should not fill you with dread because of a digestive system that isn't working properly, or a fear of whether a food will make you 'fat'. Food is fuel, and the right balance and types of food should have you feeling and looking your best. I do not believe any food warrants the term 'good' or 'bad' or that foods you enjoy should be permanently 'off limits'.

My aim is to help you redefine your relationship with food (and sometimes yourself). Personalised nutrition is essential. None of us are the same, we have very different nutritional requirements and needs, as well as likes and dislikes. If you absolutely HATE kale, don't force yourself to eat something you can't stand. That's a sure fire way to start loathing meals and developing a negative attitude to eating. Let's work together to find some foods that benefit your health that you really do enjoy!


Hi! I’m Lucy, passionate nutritional therapist and also bona fide normal human being. Nutritionists aren’t born with an instant affinity for kale and avocados, we also like ice cream too!

Previously Lucy Patterson Nutrition, I married Mr Sugars (the irony!) in 2019 and became mum to a little boy called Finn. Having lived in Bristol for 15 years, I now occupy a cottage in rural Somerset with Mr Sugars, Finn and our two lunatic cats.

I am a registered Nutritional Therapist (NT) with 8 years clinical experience. I was trained to use Functional Medicine principles when supporting clients health, and I am always looking to determine the root imbalance of why someone experiences ill health or symptoms. I have worked with hundreds of clients over several years on a variety of health conditions, and my training and experience – combined with my compassion and realistic view of health – makes me a well-prepared partner for you in your journey towards better physical and mental health.

I graduated from the Institute for Optimum Nutrition in 2012 and have been in practice ever since. I am currently studying for my Masters degree in Advanced Nutrition Research and Practice, with a focus on alterations in the gut microbiome and IBS, and nutritional support for PCOS. I am a BANT member and CNHC registered, and I hold full professional indemnity insurance.

I have worked for organisations including Cytoplan and Foresight as a nutritional therapist, researching and writing technical information, designing supplements and providing laboratory test analysis and support. I have a really in depth understanding of supplements due to this and can cut to the chase on what’s really necessary and what’s not.

In 2016-2017 I had the pleasure of working for royalty in the Middle East for a year as a personal nutritionist, travelling the world with my client and providing bespoke 1:1 support. Imagine me living with you for a year and creating all your meals!

I have worked for international luxury retreat company, Bodhimaya, as their functional food expert and chef on several retreats in the glorious South of France and I adore getting creative in the kitchen. After all, healthy food has to taste good!


8 yearsClinical Experience
RegisteredNutritional Therapist (NT)
Hundredsof Happy Clients
SupportPersonalised Nutrition

Areas of Special Interest

Digestive Health
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
Weight Management